Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary #1E

It's officially my one-year anniversary in apartment #1E

After work I took a few hours, made a cake, dark chocolate with salted buttercream, and reminisced about the last year of my life. When I moved into this apartment downtown I was just a few months out of school, ready for my first year in the "real world". I bought a new bed, a couch not on Craigslist, and learned to take care of a cat on my own. I started collecting quarters for laundry again, dealing with major construction on my block for half the year, and suddenly paying more bills than I ever thought I'd have. I learned to love the hot water heating system and the old windows, even the bat in the house became a funny story to tell. The walls finally have artwork on them, both ours and purchased or gifted treasures. We've cooked countless meals and had sleepovers with friends, all of us laying in the living room watching Harry Potter marathons on Sunday mornings after a long night out. The apartment saw pumpkin carvings and trick-or-treaters, my Grandma's Christmas tree, and a New Years Eve party. I was picked up on first dates here and shared tearful goodbyes right outside the back door. The nice thing is, I don't have to say goodbye to #1E as we intend to stay here a bit longer. Maybe we'll be celebrating our two-year anniversary in 12 months from now, maybe we'll be long gone, either way I'm excited for the many more memories to come.

Love, your happy tenants.

PS. We ate the cake with fresh strawberries. It was delicious.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun things lately.

I haven't been posting much due to a busy schedule (no excuses there I know) However, here's a few fun things that have made me happy lately.

 Girls only brunch, complete with build your own mimosas!

At home work days with my favorite studio-mate.

Polka dots on dreary days.

Visits from lovely friends.

Cooler weather which makes sleeping so much more comfy again.

Old movies on Netflix (I've watched Sabrina twice in the last month)

Big freelance projects finally going to print.

New glasses!

Gotta love the little things that get you through the busy weeks.