Wednesday, July 28, 2010


i had another nice day in dublin. only three days left here in ireland, i can't believe it. im currently stuck inside writing one last paper. however this wonderful playlist i chose and a bit of chocolate and coffee is getting me through.

this song in particular.

Regina Spektor - US
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

last stop.

do you ever just want to hop on a train, or bus, or get in your car and just drive until you can't anymore? well last sunday i did just that, thanks to two good friends and a little train called the DART.

after a very sleepless couple of nights, jil, aaron and i decided to enjoy a semi quiet sunday and took a little trip into a town called Howth. the drive took us about 45 minutes and we chatted about roommates and heading home. when we got there we walked into the main strip of town, which needless to say was a short walk. Howth is a small little seaside town but it was definitely active sunday, especially with such warm weather. we walked down the pier, took in the scenery then headed back for some fish and chips takeaway (everybody had it! we knew it had to be good) after eating lunch on a park bench we played a little frisbee...shortly into the game however i managed to hit a man and spill his coffee all over himself... it was about this time we decided to go on a little hiking adventure over to the cliffs and the beach.

walk along the pier.

so many boats in the harbour.

the most amazing fish and chips!

abbey and cemetary of vintage radio.

on the beach.
caves! ps. those rocks were so slippery!

even though we waited a long time to catch a train back, the trip was such a great ending to the weekend. i felt so content sitting there, i can't believe i leave this place in only a few days.

world cultures festival.

this past weekend was the annual Dun Laoghaire World Culture Festival. it's a really popular event here every year so i was really glad we got a chance to experience it during our visit, especially since we live so close to dun laoghaire, it was nice to just take a short bus trip there. we went out to a few bars on friday during the start of the festival but on saturday was when we really got to see everything. it turned out to be a gorgeous day as well! the festival mainly centered around food and music so it was right up my alley and i loved seeing such a variety of colors in everything.

the pictures pretty much say it all so enjoy!

young irish dancers.

lebanese food.
so many people!
turkish delight!
gorgeous colors. and i got a bit of baclava from this tent as well.
this little girl was so adorable, so excited.
irish cupcakes!
goods from thailand.
reminds me of my grandmother :)

inside people's park.taiko drumming.


amazingly carved fruit!

it was such an awesome day. however after walking around for a few hours, a helping of polish sausage, numerous baked goods, and a huge slice of brazilian watermelon i was spent!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


tonight, i fell even more in love with the 20+ kids in my aha group studying here in ireland.

this being our last full weekend here we've certainly been making it count. lots of late nights out in bray, dun laoghaire, and dublin. tonight we promised one of our best friends mike we'd go to the gay club with him, which he's been waiting for this entire trip. so tonight, over 20 of us, including 8 heterosexual guys, did everything in our power to get ourselves into any gay bar he wanted. despite being rejected once we all ended up finding a place that accepted all of us. guys, girls, gay, straight, single, taken, whatever. the truth is is that i couldn't have been more proud of everyone. it's shown how much we all care about eachother and the amazing times we're having here. all of us together.

here's a few nightlife pics from the past few weeks.

the graduate. first week here!the biggest and best game of kings cup 92. after the horseraces.
guinness factory!absolut ice bar in london. amazing!

i can't believe were all leaving eachother in less that a week. but as aaron keeps saying "we'll always have ireland"

ps. this post was also pertaining to the idea of sexuality and how it should never be a divider amongst friends. check out mike's blog and his most recent post about the shirts we bought this week for a good cause.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

for the love of design.

if there was one thing that was abundant in london it was bold, light, ultralight, every single type of helvetica plastered everywhere! london was a hub of design (not just for the san-serif lovers out there but in general). on saturday afternoon mike and i headed to a different part of town to visit the Tate Modern Museum.

it was an amazing musuem, filled with contemporary and past works. so many artists and thinkers, so much inspiration. i personally don't like to take photographs inside art musuem because i believe it draws my focus away from actually appreciating the art, however, a few of the rooms needed documentation. after the museum we wandered around a bit, fell in love with a few one- of a kind shops, and had a wonderful little dinner.

tate modern museum entrance.

andy warhol installation room.

inside the gift shop. so many wonderful little things.

opened by her majesty the queen, may 2000

1000 euro note? it's wonderful people like that who keep these places going.

the refinery for dinner.

it was nice for us just to surround ourselves with all of the stuff we love as designers for the evening. once we took a bus back to the tube station, we got ready for a night out on the town.