Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ceile step dancing.

a huge part of irish culture is that of the traditional song and dance. as a social activity one night we decided to partake in an irish step dancing class, known as a ceile. despite not knowing anything about the various steps, we payed attention and in the end it started to catch on! my friend aaron was my faithful partner through the whole night and despite how sweaty and tired we were when it was finished it was so fun to learn!

circle dancing.
our awesome band for the evening.

because of how much fun we had, the group invited us back the next tuesday night to watch one of their performances! the musicians were amazing and the show was a perfect mix of fast, slow, dancing, and music. and once the show ended we had a little one on one session with the group complete with tea and scones afterwards.

the violinists were spectacular.
the hurling dance!

downstairs after the show
chosen to volunteer to dance :)

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