Tuesday, November 1, 2011

T-Shirt Sunda(y)es

As the newest member of the NotDesign studio I am just now getting really acclimated to the space and all it's wonderful resources. Lately I've been doing my freelance work out of there and although it hasn't been much creative fun it's been great having a space to go to where I feel I can get some serious work done. Also! Drew, Kate, and I started a little something fun called T-Shirt Sundaes where we all go in on Sunday, print t-shirts, and eat ice cream*

Here is a little evidence from our first set of experiments.

T-Shirt Sundaes from Elyse Flynn on Vimeo.

Hopefully many more to come.

*Note: Ice cream is a relative term and so far has consisted of not ice cream, rather danishes and Cherry Deli on various occasions

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