Saturday, March 10, 2012

Something in the air.

This has been one of those weeks. You know those days where the sun is shining and no matter what happens the day really can't go wrong? Even a week filled with eight hour work days and meetings made me feel productive rather than stressed. This was the first week of really nice spring weather here in Michigan, 60 degrees and sunny seems somewhat unheard of for early March. My evenings were spent running outside, in shorts no doubt, and enjoying drinks and good conversation with friends.

This is the kind of moods where I can't help but feel like something is in the air, something good. I find myself yearning for adventure. Sleep seems less necessary and uncertainty is always around the corner...yet it surprisingly feels nice rather than terrifying. Perhaps it really is my body and mind's preparation for the summer months. Summer to me always seems filled with that "anything can happen" attitude. Though the hot weather can get irritating, the thought of waking up in the morning throwing on a sundress, grabbing a piece of fruit, and heading out the door to wherever I may be spending my time that day causes a lurching feeling in my stomach similar to that you get before a first kiss.

This summer, the first spent in my downtown GR apartment, I expect days spent in the studio for hours, iced Americanos constantly surging through my veins, and as much time outside as possible. I expect to travel to new places, visiting friends who I miss terribly, looking so forward to spending time in their new homes. I expect to bake more, read more, and stress less. I don't expect everyday to be like a vacation, I know this is a time where important decisions need to be made, growing up always comes with it's fair share of painful decision-making. However, I expect summer to help me out there as well, to remind me that life, like summer, is just one big fabulous, and equally scary, adventure. So, I have to dedicate this post to the sunshine pouring through my living room window and for hope of weeks of this something in the air feeling to continue.

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  1. you are such an awesome writer. I can always resonate with you because you write in such a beautiful descriptive way. this whole post I was nodding my head and smiling, and getting excited for these feelings to be reborn within me, as well. I haven't had them *yet* this year, but I know'll they pop out soon when I get a chance to feel the warm sun on my face, too :)