Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thoughts on marriage

Don't freak out Mom.

Just kidding, she'd probably be semi-excited, but it's not quite like that.
I'm getting to that age in my life where people are starting to get hitched. Two of my great friends from college are getting married in less than a month. My high school best friend is living with her boyfriend and they have a cat...as you can see, things are getting pretty serious around here. This morning my friend Mike and I were chatting on and off while working (oh Gmail chat, you're dangerous) and got on the subject of getting married. I looked around the bakery I had posted up in and watched the older couples stroll in and out and my mind started to wander.

After he said "I think it's just time for us to have those thoughts" my tangent went as follows...

I go back and forth a lot. I think, if I'm being totally honest, I've got a bit more living to do before it's time to settle down. I guess though, I've never thought of marriage as this death sentence people seem to joke about. I always thought if I ever got married it wouldn't immediately be followed with the purchase of a house and a dog and a white picket fence. It just meant you found someone to adventure with. You didn't have to do things alone anymore, you had a partner in crime. I don't think you need to lose your friends or stop doing things you love. You just have someone who will always be your cheerleader, who will support you no matter what. Someone who will pack up the car and drive to Maine for a month because you've just always wanted to do that and money's not quite so tight right now. And maybe you put your other dreams on hold and have a ton of babies because you just want nothing more than to see them as a Dad. And maybe you don't because you decided to hike Australia for a few years instead. I think sharing the same beliefs and being in the "right" place in life matter some but I don't always think it's everything. I think it's the understanding that you don't ever want to live without them. You wish they were there even if they're just sitting in the other room while you're reading your book. It won't always be easy and it won't always be fun but that's the nature of life. Anyway, that's what I think, right now, at 23 years old. I can only hope someday someone will decide they want to do all those things with me too.

Mike then proceeded to tell me to stop being so mature. Maybe I should go shotgun a beer or buy a ridiculously expensive pair of impractical shoes.
Don't judge me future husband.

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