Friday, February 17, 2012

The Sketchbook Project

look at all those blank, white pages.

I finally took the plunge! About a week ago I finally signed up to participate in the newest Sketchbook Project hosted by Art House Co-op. Ever since I heard about this little endeavor a few years ago I've wanted to be one of the thousands of people who dedicate a few months and a ton of hours of heart, soul, creativity, and frustration into pocket-sized sketchbooks that then go on an epic journey across the United States. The idea is simple: fill up 30 pages however you, photographs, drawings, writing...this is your book. The books have fun themes to chose from, to obviously be interpreted however you so chose, and the rest is up to you. Once you've finished the book you mail it back (mine is due April 30th) where it joins the rest of the collection and is archived at the Brooklyn Art Library. The unique thing about The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition is that all of the sketchbooks from this round will be compiled to create Vol. 1 of The Sketchbook Project collaborative art books! Now how cool is that.

Well, thanks to an eye-opening chat with my roommate and feeling constantly inspired by my friend Jen's fun new project I decided it was time to sign-up.

It's funny how no matter how much you might add to your plate, if you're not doing enough for yourself you just don't feel like you're doing enough period. And that's when I realized this was something I needed to do. When I made the commitment to train and run my half-marathon I did it because I wanted to. Sure, it took a lot of time out of my day, time that perhaps could have been used elsewhere, however, the end result in knowing I accomplished that goal made all of those hours feel worth it. And that's what starting this felt like for me; a new project, a new goal, a new finish line.

Needless to say when I got my book in the mail I was both thrilled and nervous to get started! I'm hoping to keep on top of it and post finished (and on-going) spreads here on the blog for all to see.

Sketch on. Wish me luck!


  1. Yay! I decided last week that I'm doing this too! I'm going to use my last years book and just swap the stickers because I drew in mine a little bit. Just another excuse to craft together!

  2. sounds incredible. you should scan or take pictures of all of your pages so we can see what you come up with :)

  3. This is going to be awesome, definitely show off some spreads! You too Alaina. :]