Monday, February 13, 2012

Why I actually like Valentines Day...

i love love.

So, contrary to the attitude I may have portrayed on my last post, I actually don't mind Valentines Day at all. In fact, I kind of like the pink, red, and sparkly heart-filled holiday. Sure, I don't love the commercialism or the fact that high expectations are rarely met but unfortunately in today's society what holidays don't feel like that? Buying gifts and things just because you feel you have to instead of because you want to. Of course, some could argue it's a reminder that maybe you're single and you'll be buying yourself chocolates this year but to me it's no more of a reminder than a Saturday night spent at home with your cat. Instead for me, Valentines Day is a reminder of how much I love, love.

Maybe it's because growing up I knew my Mom would always have a card and little treat waiting for us on Valentine's Day morning. Perhaps I've held on to the memories of elementary school cards and parties filled with way too many sweets. Remembering the Daddy-Daughter dances I attended, one year with my Dad and one year with my uncle. I love that tomorrow I have an extra excuse to tell everyone in my life, I love you. I really don't care that there isn't one special person in my life to celebrate with because Valentines Day is about love, and that is something that is better spread around.

I'm excited that even though I've never been the girliest girl that I get an excuse to paint my nails red with little white hearts and wear a fun dress tomorrow. I get to have whipped cream and sprinkles on my coffee in the morning because those are the fun things you get to do on a holiday. I will help clueless men and women pick out chocolates that will make their dates feel extra special for at least one night. I plan on baking cupcakes and making Valentines. I plan on having dinner and drinks with some great friends, joking about our past relationships over bottomless fries. And most of all I plan on reminding myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by love.

Happy Valentines Day.

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  1. such a great post :) it makes me smile. <3 happy valentine's day!