Thursday, November 1, 2012

Life in October via instagram

Today is November 1st, marking a new month as well as confirming the fact that I blogged none during the month of October. To be honest I needed the last few weeks to do some major re-couping, both physically and mentally. Not that I rested a whole lot but I'm getting back into a more normal routine, still as busy as ever.

Before I play catch-up on all the entries that need to be posted. Here's a little look back at the last month as seen through the lens of my iPhone.

ArtPrize ending with a bang.
Mini Sunday road trips.
Long overdue trips back Downriver, and a lot of time spent with this little guy.
Pumpkin season.
Nerding out graphic designer style.
Sorting through prints with help from the cat.
Fall cards all the way from Boston, leaves included.
Autumn is such a beautiful (and my personal favorite) season and this October was no exception. On to November.

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