Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012

Last night I rang in the start of a new year in the arms of my brother and a few close friends. We put on sequined sweaters, drank champagne, and walked downtown to watch the ball drop holding homemade hot chocolates. This morning at a late breakfast we went around the table and talked about the highlights of the past year. It's funny because the more we all talked, the more we realized everything that occurred in the last 365 days. Time seems to pass like lightning lately, days ending almost immediately as they seem to start.

I must admit, this was quite a year. I always seem to be busy, barely making time to cook dinner or feed the cat, but looking back on everything I wouldn't have it any other way. So here are a few highlights of the last 12 months:

Ran my first half-marathon
(and traveled to Disney with family and friends for the occasion!)
Taught my first letterpress demo
Took my first yoga class
Visited New York
Turned 23
Created the identity for SiTE:LAB Blandford, was a contributing artist as well
Designed the event invitation for the opening of the world's largest Ronald McDonalds house
Visited Chicago
Annual Bear Lake trip
Chelsea and Matt got married
Camping trip to the Pine River
Visited Boston
Started on a path toward new career opportunities
Participated as a vendor in the UICA Holiday Artists' Market

In addition to the big markers are the little things that happen to us along the way. A relationship was started and ended before the year was out. It hurt, a lot. However, it taught me something which means it truly happened for a reason. I made new friends and became closer to a few already in my life. I baked my very first gluten free vegan cupcake. Learned so much being a part of Not Design (this was a huge part of my life in the last year it deserves an entry all it's own). Had a design purchased for a greeting card. Was officially published in a book.

As I sit here now it hits me that I have never been more unsure of what my life will look like in a year from now. The great thing is that the thought seems less scary and more brilliantly exciting than ever.

Cheers to a beautiful and blessed 2012 and nothing but hope for the new year.

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