Monday, July 25, 2011

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain

I'm not good with words, anyone who has ever attempted to read this blog would understand that. I get caught up in the mess of it all. It is an art, in my opinion, when someone can manage to convey how they're really feeling through words. I unfortunately wasn't gifted with such a talent. And yet, the older I get the more I wish I could. I would love to elegantly spill letters onto a page and have them make any sort of sense to anyone, usually people wind up feeling confused, causing me to second guess what I even tried to say in the first place (which is never good, second guessing is usually a sign of trouble)

Here is where part of my love for music comes into play. As an artist I am obviously a very visual person. However, there is something about listening to a particular song that gets into your system like no other; tugging at your heart strings and evoking memories. Obviously a lot of people can relate to lyrics but to me it is the songs where not only do the lyrics impress you but the instrumentation as well. I love that an ordinary person can feel transformed with music. When athletes need to get pumped up before a game, or a little girl needs some Taylor Swift to remind her it will all be ok in the end, music is something that most people with the ability to hear can relate to.

On that note, I call on my most recently played artist, Adele. Her newest cd, 21, is awesome (and while Rolling in the Deep is still one of my favorites) I have been listening to her song Set Fire to the Rain constantly. There is something about the strength behind it that I can really appreciate.

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