Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer in photographs.

As I feel like I have been spewing out words upon words lately. Here is a little break for some summer reflection through the eyes of a camera lens. Enjoy.

First big summer rain.

Danced at Crane Wives shows.

Learned how to fish.
Attended a Native American Pow-Wow
Made homemade sangria.
Visited the Windy City (aka Chicago) *Twice actually!

Had a few wonderful porch nights. Good food and friends.

Cleaned off and started using my old kayak again. I missed it.

Learned how to photograph fireworks.

Made peach cobbler.
(Unfortunately one of the only things I've baked all summer. I think only a few bites were eaten of this bad boy)

Obviously there have been many more good times that went un-documented. Always fun to look back at those that did though!

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