Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New York, New York (pt. 1)

Now I am well aware that these posts are FAR over-due. However, as a way to share my NY trip with those who haven't gotten a chance to see photos and hear some fun stories, I am posting about it months later. Also I really do enjoy having this blog as a chance to look back on all my adventures so...without further ado...

We have arrived!

Jen and Elyse take on the Big Apple! Our trip there was pretty uneventful, we enjoyed pizza and gelato during our layover and arrived in LaGuardia around 11 pm, just in time for the city to really get going. We met Mike in Times Square and headed back to his apartment in Brooklyn for a good night's sleep before all our big plans for the weekend got underway.

You would not believe how badly I wanted one of those hotdogs at midnight.

Look who we found!

We slept in a little bit in the morning, Mike headed out for his last day interning with Glamour magazine a few hours before we left the apartment. We spent most of the day wandering around Manhattan taking it all in. Mike was able to give us a little tour of Glamour in the Conde Naste building which was very cool to see.

Afterwards we mainly stuck to Times Square area and Central Park. Trust me, Jen and I are very visual people and this was like sensory overload!

Hello Broadway!

What a great idea, every city should have these in my opinion.

Pinning up our wishes for the New Year!

Crepes for lunch. Delicious.

Even the baked goods were larger than life. Amazing.

Once Mike was off work we met up with him and headed to the lower east side for dinner and drinks with our friend Brian and two old friends of mine who both lived in NY for the summer, Britney and Angela. The restaurant was definitely a new experience but the food was great and how can you not love all these lights!

"Where Chili Peppers and Christmas Lights meet"

PS. The bar we went to, Death and Co. was awesome in my opinion. If you want someplace unique to check out if you're ever in the area give this one a try.

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