Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good to be back.

I love traveling, basically everything about it to be honest (apart from packing). I love the anticipation, getting coffee in the airport, and buying magazines for the plane. Hotel rooms are just somehow more fun than your own bedroom, and ridiculously overpriced room service somehow tastes way better than it should.

However, usually the best part of going out of town is finally getting back home. Obviously there is usually way too much to catch up on...emails, laundry, your cat whose downright pissed you left in the first place therefore has chewed through one of your favorite shirt sleeves. At the same time it's such a great feeling finally relaxing on your own couch.

I got home late Monday night from my trip to Florida and even though I was exhausted, I was able to spend the next few days sorting my life back into order. That next morning I kept finding little things that made me smile and remind me of how nice it was to be back.

My roommate's homemade granola.

My new Michigan Awesome sticker.

Coffee in bed (in my new giant mugs no doubt!)


  1. this entire post just makes me smile :) <3 I can totally relate. and aside from that, I can really feel what you feel through your writing. congrats on the race!

  2. Thanks Lesley! I really appreciate it, I do this mainly for myself but it's always nice to know someone is reading :)