Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pre-race jitters.

For a little background info...this weekend was the Walt Disney World Marathon where I participated in my first Half-marathon! I made the decision to run it back in late September after my friend Alaina signed up for the Marathon and I found out one of my best friends Megan was running the half as well. I've basically been working my way up and training since then. I know I haven't mentioned it much on this blog at all, I think honestly for fear that my training wouldn't go as well as planned. However, after all the anticipation race weekend was here before I knew it! I plan on talking about the actual race and trip in a separate post but for now I'd like to share a few thoughts I recorded on the plane ride down to Florida...

"For me this race became more than just a physical obstacle. It was a commitment I made to myself- a goal that, once it was set, I knew had to be accomplished. It was one of those things I was choosing to do for myself, close to 100% personal. Ive always been a fairly clumsy person, certainly not agile by any means, but I've also always enjoyed working out. I like the way it makes me feel after I've finished. If my muscles are sore and burning it reminds me I'm somehow improving myself physically. That being said, I've never been a super healthy eater and I certainly put most (basically anything else really) things ahead of working out on my priority list. I can't say I made a complete lifestyle overhaul training for this race but it definitely changed me for the better. Firstly, I actually gained weight (number-wise) which I was not expecting and to be honest was not very happy about. However, I actually started to feel how much stronger I became and when once I realized that, it made me feel less self conscious about the actual shape of my body. I was never a long-distance runner but I can now run 11 miles without collapsing and for me, that's pretty awesome. But more than anything I learned discipline. I ran on Christmas Eve, I ran hungover, I ran outside as it rained and snowed all around me. Thinking about it now, the actual race feels like the reward for all this work and I'm actually just as excited as I am nervous. I'm just praying come Saturday I will feel like it was all worth it."

And indeed it was.

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