Sunday, April 22, 2012

James Fry Photography

Lately I've been a bit behind discussing some of the things that have been going on over here! I've been doing a lot of fun things with Not Design (getting our new website up n' running!), finishing up a fun branding project, and donating my time to some awesome people over at the Ronald McDonald House of Chicago. In the middle of all that I got connected with an awesome photographer here in Grand Rapids, James Fry.

James approached me to do a little lettering project and after one meeting and an hour of chatting more collaborative ideas just started flowing! I was honored that he popped in the studio the other day to shoot some video and a few photos. Although I'm definitely not the model-type he got me laughing and we both wound up having a great time.

He's a super talented guy, definitely check out his website and blog, and keep an eye out for more fun things with this in the future!

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