Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Awesome people doing awesome things (and writing about it)

This morning's blogging view.

When I became and avid member of the blogging community a lot of what I was reading or looking at daily were from people I didn't know personally; popular lifestyle or fashion blogs, blogs about design or crafty DIY things. However, lately I've noticed more and more the things I look forward to reading are from people I know and love. It's just another reminder of how lucky I am to have such inspiring people in my life.

And with that, I wanted to share a few people doing some awesome things and blogging about them! The best part is that they're all completely different, no two even cover the same subject.

I met Kate in September outside of a food truck during ArtPrize. She's a fellow Not Design-er and, although I haven't known her for all that long, I look up to her so incredibly much. She recently left her job as a designer for GVSU to work with Future Project over in California (which will eventually lead her to Iceland) for a new kick-ass project in a few months. She's been recording little bits about her trip on her Tumblr. Although she doesn't write much, her photographs share such insight into her experiences while she's away and every single one tells a story.

Kelly started Pages and Cakes over a year ago where she wrote about goodies she baked and books she'd read. Now she's living in the Big Apple, making it in the publishing world and living the dream 20-something life! I'm so proud of her and equally as glad that her blog remains; better than ever! Not only does she write about all the books she somehow manages to find time to read, but she also just participated in World Book Night. If you haven't heard about this you must go and read about her experience, truly awesome.

Want some motivation for a daily project? Look no further. Jen's blog Ampersands and Acrobats not only touches on bits of design and her personal life but recently is a place for her to feature A Letter a Day. She actually just finished the project! but you can always go back and check them out from the beginning.

I've known Cam for basically as long as I can remember and he is definitely the person I go to when I need a good dose of tough love. A poker player and creative writer he recently started Millionaire Mentality and I'm thrilled that he's finally writing a blog. His first two posts, one about The Art of Budgeting and the other Defining your Goals, were pretty great and I expect nothing less in the future.

As someone who struggles to blog once a week I am still amazed that Danielle has managed to blog EVERY DAY and with that goal in mind The Many Days of 30 was born. She just writes about what is on her mind, sometimes she tells stories, sometimes writes about people she knows or what frustrates her. She is incredibly witty and has amazing insight. All I can say is that 365 posts in 365 days is no easy task but she is making it look like a walk in the park.

Some of my favorite blogs to read are just ordinary people sharing their everyday lives. They're often created as a way to share your life with friends and family you don't get to chat with or see as much as you'd like. After graduating from U of M last May one of my best friends Megan and her boyfriend Steve made the leap to move all the way to the east coast to Boston to start a new chapter of their lives. It's been great to watch as they finally found an apartment, adopted a kitten, and settled into their new city.

All I have to say is, hurray for people who are doing awesome things and sharing them for all to enjoy!

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  1. awww elyse, thank you so much...much appreciated & i love when you do post...so it a great surprise when it happens!