Monday, April 16, 2012

"just because"

I love sitting here watching him work. Mostly silent, making subtle heavy sighs as he tilts his head ever so slightly to the left and right, hoping somehow it will change how the image on the screen appears. He stares at the computer so intensely, switching from one project to another, waiting for the audio files to finish rendering and apologizing every time he has to play the track aloud. I'm not paying much attention as all the sounds in the room blend together, the music coming through the speakers, the sound of the space heater blowing, the fast clicking as I type from this couch against the wall. His whistling; only every couple minutes when he's not thinking quite so hard about what he's doing does the sound of his humming or faint singing emerge from his lips. It's rare we take the time to enjoy these little moments, the ones where you want to just go over and hug them so tightly. Those moments where they ask "what was that for?" with a smile on their face and you respond with some version of "just because" because that is the only answer you can come up with, there is no other explanation needed. Those moments are wonderful, mental photographs if you will, that no one else would love in that moment as much as you.

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