Sunday, April 22, 2012

Not Design

The time has come! Not Design's new website has officially launched! While we've had a Facebook group and an old stand-in site for a while now my studio-mates and I have been hard at work updating all of our information, populating Flickr, and posting all of our stuff for the digital world to feast their eyes upon. I've got to hand it to Justin and Drew, the design is perfect and their coding and genius web skills have blown my mind once again.

"Thinking is what makes us unique as creative problem solvers. While we participate in design, our goal is not designing but engaging in human relationships."

As if we weren't thrilled enough about that...I was approached last week by a writer over on The Awesome Mitten, a great blog that features 365 days of awesome things going on in Michigan, about Not Design being day 319. After sending over our new website, a few photos, and a quick interview we were honored to read the article they wrote up about us.

Check it (and all the other fun places and people they've interviewed) out here: Day 319: Not Design. Thanks again guys!

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned how honored and proud I am to be a part of Not Design. To get a chance to not only have a space to work in and call my own but the opportunity to lean so much from these five other people. They have taught me to stand up for myself as a designer, to realize how much my talent and working capabilities are worth. They all share a love for adventure and with Fox in Buffalo, Kate in California (and Iceland soon!), and Justin heading to London come June, they've shown me that even the most uncertain opportunities can be life-changing.  They've taught me how to letterpress, to appreciate good coffee, to fix wireless routers, to love big fluffy dogs that hang around just like any other member of the family. We've fought and argued and hugged, shared beers and printed for hours. I have no idea how long Not Design will remain the way it is right now, we are all still young and with that comes a sense of wonder. Maybe we will all wind up in different states or different countries, maybe some of us will stay together and maybe some of us will start up our own studios far away. Either way, a part of it will always remain because that is what this is all about; the learning, the journey, the making things along the way. Our philosophy says this:

"We believe that design has a opportunity and a responsibility to engage people, eliminate the audience, and to educate and communicate on a human scale through interaction, relationships, and community. We design but we are not about design. It is something more"

And that is definitely something I agree with. Cheers, from our sunny, ink-filled studio to yours!

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