Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Ho Hey"

Sometimes music just hits you in a particular way. Sometimes it strikes up memories that make you laugh or cry or miss people who aren't around anymore. Sometimes it just makes you want to dance. Sometimes it makes you wish it was winter so you could curl up in blankets with hot chocolate.

The other night I had this particular song stuck in my head from a band that I recently discovered, The Lumineers. All of their stuff is excellent in my opinion, highly recommended. And as I lied there in my sweltering bedroom I thought about summers, last one in particular. I thought about running around late at night after drinking beer and grilling out with friends. There always seemed to be music to go listen to, bands to watch. Things are a little different now, not better or worse, just different and sometimes late at night I find myself yearning for the past. Wishing I didn't need to be up at 6 am or that I had too many meetings to attend that afternoon. And yet, I know those days don't last forever, that's what makes them so nostalgic and perfect in the state that they were.

You just have to remember it's never too late to stomp and dance to music filled with clapping and awesome guitar with people you love.

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  1. I am a huge fan of these guys too, and this song particularly brings me back to a simpler time as well!