Saturday, July 7, 2012

Windy City

Last week I was lucky enough to take a little two day trip across Lake Michigan to Chicago for a very special event as well as the chance to spend a little quality time with my sister! A few months ago I finished up the invitation for the Grand Opening of the World's Largest Ronald McDonald House, opening up next to Lurie Childrens Hospital. If you are unfamiliar with this organization please go check out everything they're doing to help out sick children and their ever-deserving families. Seriously, such an inspiration. I felt so lucky to be a very small part of such an awesome cause and even more that I got the chance to attend the opening as well.

Not only that, but I was able to come up a day early and spend the day with my sister who has lived in Chicago for a few years now and recently went back to school at DePaul full time. It was awesome to see her apartment, meet the great girls she works with, and hang with two adorable cats for a few days. I really hope I get the chance to visit much more often.

We had gorgeous weather Monday so we rented bikes and rode along the water to Navy Pier where the rest of the day consisted of hanging out on the boardwalk, perfecting our "in the air" photography, drinking Coronas, and a search for frozen yogurt. We even finished our day with a quick ride through the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Ah, was it lovely.

Gorgeous ride. 

Did I mention she's a professional dancer?

Tuesday was the Grand Opening so after we got ready we hopped in a cab and headed downtown. It felt really exciting pulling up to the new building and seeing everyone who had come out for the ribbon cutting. What was an even better feeling was getting to show Mia all the invitations which were strewn up the staircases to the rooftop of the building across the street, that I had designed. They couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day and all of the speakers did wonderfully (I cried about three times throughout the entire thing). I was so glad I got to see, and meet some for the first time, the people I had worked with on the project. They should all be very proud of all the work they did to help make this a reality.

Rooftop ceremony.

The two of us at the reception after-party.

We had almost the whole day ahead of us after the reception ended and Mia took me on an awesome architectural boat tour of Chicago. We sipped mimosas on the river and took in the sights, it was great and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area. After a late lunch we headed back to her apartment and said our goodbyes. It was such an awesome two days, thanks Chicago, let's do it again sometime!

View from our architecture river tour.

What I haven't mentioned yet is that not only did I get to see Mia but one of my best friends who's been in this blog more than anyone probably just moved to Chicago as well! Mike left New York for a new job and loves it there, not to mention he's now so much closer to home. I got to check out his apartment and have dinner and drinks with him both nights I was visiting which was great. Tuesday was actually the two-year anniversary of our adventure to Ireland so naturally we found a place that served Guinness and spent a good amount of time reminiscing. It's amazing to think that trip was two years ago already and even more to see what we have done since then. I'm definitely so proud of him and I can't wait to see us in another year's time. 


Check out my thoughts on the subject one year ago, and this photo of us two years ago in Dublin!

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