Sunday, July 29, 2012

Personal touches.

I have a tendency to still consider myself a bit of a nomad. The thought of signing a year lease for an apartment gives me mad anxiety. That being said, I've currently been in my apartment for close to a year and it's been great, nothing to have been so afraid of haha. Pictures have been hung, umpteen dinners have been cooked, and I don't have any for certain plans to leave in the near future. So with that, some days when I have a little free time it's nice to clean up the place and add a few personal treasures to my little home. Sometimes it's hard when you're always renting or living with roommates to make the spaces you occupy your own. But, it is nice sometimes when you can sit on your couch and look around and really feel at home :)

Here's a few little things that have made me smile lately.

Gnome salt and pepper shakers, finally unwrapped and in the kitchen.

Cards from friends who know me oh so well posted up on my desk.

A few prints I've needed to hang since my birthday, finally got up this weekend. 
My bedroom walls finally have some personality!

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