Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some days

Some days you're just tired. No matter how much coffee you drink or how early you got to bed the night before. Some days you just stare into the abyss, you're thinking, processing, letting the super fast-moving world zoom by around you as you evaluate things in minute proportions. Some days you just need to call your Grandma. She'll scold you for still not getting an air conditioning unit and ask if you're eating enough. She'll tell you whatever you're doing at work is good and if it's not then maybe it's time for something new. Some days your cat just knows things are different. She'll purr and meow more than normal and you'll give her a little milk than usual as a treat because cats probably have weird days too. Some days you'll want to cry and people will wain on your patience and you'll forget that everyone has felt how you feel time and time before. You'll lie in bed cursing the 95 degree weather and hope that one 20-minute nap will negate the sleep in your eyes. You'll talk to old friends and feel better. You'll get some green tea at your favorite coffee shop and you'll feel better. Some days just require new nail polish, thai food, and exhausted tears. You'll lie on your back and stare at the ceiling and draw in your sketchbook and get overwhelmed thinking about the bills you haven't paid and the emails you haven't sent.

And then those "some days" turn into new days. And a thunderstorm finally rolls through, the weather doesn't feel so stifling. The new days bring more alertness, better moods, and leave you wondering why some days you felt so weird at all. And you forget those days that weren't the best because they're over, catalogued into the bank of the hundreds of good, bad, medium, weird-ish days in your lifetime. Some days you feel so much more human and real than others, you're reminded of pain and happiness all in one jumbled mix. And those days? Well they're good to have in that lifetime bank. 


  1. Love how you worded this one :) and love you. Obviously!