Monday, May 14, 2012

Day in the City.

Saturday morning we slept in, sort of. Maybe it was the sun shining through Kel's windows or the excitement to spend the day in the city but we all woke up on our own fairly early. Eventually we headed out and had breakfast at a small restaurant that reminded us all of one we grew up frequenting back in Trenton. Once again, no real agenda ahead, we spent the day wandering through the city, chatting about a million and one things and stopping whenever we saw something that caught our eye. Eventually we made it to the Chelsea Market where we basically ate our way through every little shop in there, everything from baked goods to salt tasting and pretzel filled caramels. 

We just had to try for ourselves (let's just say, we weren't disappointed)

Pop-up shop at the Chelsea Market!

Amy's Bread. Home of the cinnamon challah knot: delicious.

Then! We finally made it to the one place on our "agenda" which was the High Line, an amazing park built above the city on an old freight rail line. I've got to admit it would be hard for me sometimes to live in a city surrounded by steel and brick but little parks like this one would definitely make it bearable. It was not only a beautiful view of the city but also fun to people watch, kids and adults alike enjoying the sunshine.

Entrance to the High Line.

The rest of the day included a dinner of burgers and beers with Pinkberry for dessert (along with the Argo Tea, this I am still craving as well. Grand Rapids, let's get on board with this one). And eventually we took the subway back to the apartment to get ready for a night out on the town. We got all dressed up, had drinks at an Irish pub in SoHo and even did a little dancing. Our feet paid the price in the heels we all insisted on wearing but even at close to 3 AM we were entertained on the subway, oh New York, always adventures to be had!

Yogurt's never looked so good.

Shake shack! Love the string lights right as the sun was setting.

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