Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend getaway

So two weekends ago I went on a little adventure to a very big city.

It was intended to be a birthday trip for both my friend Megan and I, getting to finally see each other and to see Kelly in her new city! Needless to say upon booking my trip over a month ago I was very excited it was finally here. I treated this trip differently than any other traveling I've done before, basically winging it, no real plan as far as what we wanted to do or things we wanted to see. I knew I wanted to spend time with two of my best friends (that I never get to see enough now that we're all states away) and that was enough for me. So after arriving at LaGuardia late Thursday night there was a short cab ride followed by a pizza and soy banana milkshake waiting for me, and a hug from Kel; exactly what I needed. 

The next day started with a subway ride into the city and Argo Tea...which I am still craving. Since it was a Friday and Kelly had to work I wandered about the city, walking from the Flatiron building through Washington Square Park and back. I can't quite explain how nice it felt, stopping to take photos every once in a while, window-shopping, sketching in coffee shops, having no agenda. Gave me time alone, time to think, time to wonder about new cities and places. 

View from the Flatiron Building.

 New sketchbook in Washington Square Park.

Union Square during the market.

 Danielle's favorite coffee shop, on her list of must-dos for me.

The day ended with happy hour drink specials, even more catching up, a lot of laughs, and bundling up to go pick up Megan from the bus stop very late. Can't even explain how happy I was to fall asleep watching Friends with these two. 

More to come!

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  1. i stalked all three of these & want to be in the city like now...thank you for sharing & capturing my city so glad you went to 71 irving time we will have to go together...loved all of them, it was like being in the city!