Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's not that late even. Just past midnight, I could hardly call that insomniac mode, especially because I'm used to this by now, this functioning on no sleep bit. Not sure if perhaps my inability to fall asleep is coming from the two cups of coffee and sweet cream I had sometime after 9 PM or due to a mind full of wandering thoughts. Most likely the former.

It's funny to me that some people must attempt to go to bed, lie there for a while, and hope to fall asleep after a significant amount of time. I quite honestly am out within 5 minutes of lying down (if I haven't just fallen asleep while in the middle of something first). Tonight however, sleep doesn't feel as if it's going to come as easily. It's these nights that I ponder whether or not to try and hope dream mode comes eventually or get up and embrace the longer waking hours. It's funny to me how creative you can be on lack of sleep. It's as if you somehow see the world differently, as if everything is shown in a new light; or in the night's case, lack thereof. For me I can at least muster the energy to pull out the computer and type words on a digital page; wondering if the musings of journal writing, tonight specifically, will perk me up or settle me down.

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