Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Southern Ireland tour pt. 2

i love finding walls like this one.

On to saturday! day 2. so to be quite honest...a few of us were dragging a bit, especially with having to get on the bus by 8:15 the next morning! but we sucked it up and enjoyed another beautiful day of sight-seeing, this one a bit chillier then the day before. on our day of travels we left the west side of the country and headed south.

we got a chance to see a few more awesome castles and old churches. we stopped at a breathtaking spot known as The Buren cliffs, we could just walk out as far as the water! then finally headed to the Cliffs of Moher, which is irelands most visited spot. the photographs do not nearly do these things justice, they are massive! and im so glad we went on this trip just for all of the natural phenomenons we got to see, it was just so inspiring. later we ended our journey in a city known as Killarney. a bit smaller than Galway but just as lively. a few of us, myself included, took it a bit easier, finishing up the night with a good dinner, some ice cream, a walk through town, and some traditional irish pub music :)

i am in love with irish doors. they are painted a million different colors! it makes me so happy
this little guy just followed us right into the grocery store. no big deal hah

some of the most amazing cemetarys here. both incredibly sad and beautiful at the same time.
did you know rocks are a good spot for flowers to grow? they always maintain their temperature!

the buren cliffs.

watch it!
the cliffs of moher.

we found a few of these guys around the city. mike said a friend of his had mentioned the artist who does them before, i tried looking up some info today but no such luck, which is a shame since i have gotten so much into graffiti art these past few years.
mmm baileys and guinness ice cream.

one more day to go!

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