Tuesday, July 27, 2010

world cultures festival.

this past weekend was the annual Dun Laoghaire World Culture Festival. it's a really popular event here every year so i was really glad we got a chance to experience it during our visit, especially since we live so close to dun laoghaire, it was nice to just take a short bus trip there. we went out to a few bars on friday during the start of the festival but on saturday was when we really got to see everything. it turned out to be a gorgeous day as well! the festival mainly centered around food and music so it was right up my alley and i loved seeing such a variety of colors in everything.

the pictures pretty much say it all so enjoy!

young irish dancers.

lebanese food.
so many people!
turkish delight!
gorgeous colors. and i got a bit of baclava from this tent as well.
this little girl was so adorable, so excited.
irish cupcakes!
goods from thailand.
reminds me of my grandmother :)

inside people's park.taiko drumming.


amazingly carved fruit!

it was such an awesome day. however after walking around for a few hours, a helping of polish sausage, numerous baked goods, and a huge slice of brazilian watermelon i was spent!

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