Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Southern Ireland tour pt. 3

the last leg of our journey was all about the famous Blarney castle..and in said castle, the Blarney Stone! kiss it and receive the gift of gab for 7 years! it was quite entertaining hanging over the edge of an ancient castle hundreds of feet up backwards to kiss an old stone, but hey, you gotta do it! the castle itself was amazing as well. first we went into the dungeon and crawled way back, those who didn't get too clausterphobic that is haha, i can't imagine being locked in there. all of the rooms were so fun to climb through and stare out, trying to picture what life was like back then.outside of the dungeon entrance
ceiling in the very back
legends of the blarney stone!

inside the castle
the garden and courtyard below (the garden was actually filled with almost all poisonous plants!)
smooching the stone!
lookout tower
which i then decided to climb...when i get the video of this i have to post it, im sure its hillarious to watch me a dress no doubt.
my ferngully tree

our last stop on our way back to dublin was another castle. this one, although a little less intact was much larger then any we had seen so far. even though it was super windy it was such a gorgeous day, and this was a perfect to end our country ireland tour :)

as sad as i was to leave it was fun getting back to dublin and feeling almost at home in the city again. i really am falling in love with it here.

now that last weekend is all caught up ill make sure to start posting a few day adventure posts as well! off to finish my film review for tomorrow. hope everyone had a great day!

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