Monday, July 19, 2010


this past weekend i went to London for the weekend. it was a crazy busy, no sleep weekend but it was really worth it. the city was so packed and had a great vibe. my favorite parts were the little things about the culture, the design of everything is leagues above the US in a lot of ways. made me appreciate being a designer and an artist. i just finished putting all the pictures on facebook and plan on blogging them in small bits since there are so many.

i did want to post this picture though that I took while we saw a peace sit-in going on. it was amazing to see so many people group together for a cause. also, a lot of people from our group went to belfast for the weekend and hearing about all the conflict going on really got to me. it's trips like studing abroad that open your eyes to the way people can be towards one another, whether it be good or bad. ive learned about the hate that still goes on here today, the conflict between people only due to religion. and then at the same time, i sat at my home-stay families kitchen table, and despite cultural and language barriers, played cards for hours with 5 very different people, from 4 different countries. it goes to show you that as a human race we're very much the same, you and me. i wish everyone would stop and realize that once in a while.

this statement holds true in so many ways.
the next posts will be happier i promise. just been doing a lot of thinking lately.

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