Wednesday, July 21, 2010

for the love of design.

if there was one thing that was abundant in london it was bold, light, ultralight, every single type of helvetica plastered everywhere! london was a hub of design (not just for the san-serif lovers out there but in general). on saturday afternoon mike and i headed to a different part of town to visit the Tate Modern Museum.

it was an amazing musuem, filled with contemporary and past works. so many artists and thinkers, so much inspiration. i personally don't like to take photographs inside art musuem because i believe it draws my focus away from actually appreciating the art, however, a few of the rooms needed documentation. after the museum we wandered around a bit, fell in love with a few one- of a kind shops, and had a wonderful little dinner.

tate modern museum entrance.

andy warhol installation room.

inside the gift shop. so many wonderful little things.

opened by her majesty the queen, may 2000

1000 euro note? it's wonderful people like that who keep these places going.

the refinery for dinner.

it was nice for us just to surround ourselves with all of the stuff we love as designers for the evening. once we took a bus back to the tube station, we got ready for a night out on the town.

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