Wednesday, July 14, 2010

small reminders

today we had our mini excursion day in dublin, as all wednesdays are. after waiting in a bit of a downpour we made it into town and headed for the film institute, to see a private screening of the commitments. if you've never seen it, its one i highly suggest! (and def. one of the films i plan on buying once i get back to the states)

it reminded me of a mix between the blues brothers and empire records. growing up listening to motown cds on repeat, i obviously fell in love immediately. it also made me miss my friends (and my saxaphone!), mainly my roommates, and our frequent sing-along nights. the constant reminders of home seemed to be a theme for today.

our next stop was lunch at a restaurant recommended to us by one of the host families, and you know what! it was an irish hard-rock cafe (of sorts?) called Captain America. haha who says you cant get a burger and a milkshake in ireland?

captain america, steakhouse and bar dublin.splitsies?

our last stop was to the Leinster House which is the ireland's parliament building. needless to say nothing too American about that except for a few constant reminders of JFK, whom they love here by the way, absolutely adored him. when i finally got home, i was welcomed by a few wonderful messages from some people i've been missing. there's going to be so many hugs flying around when i return it'll be a love overload.

now off to write a paper for the night. might sneak down to the kitchen for some coffee while i work. cheers!

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  1. (upon your return) SO MUCH LOVE, YOU'LL DROWN IN IT.

    But really, I'm entirely jealous of your trip. Ireland seems amazing. Oh, and I definitely laughed out loud when I read "splitsies?" Pretty much made my afternoon.