Tuesday, July 27, 2010

last stop.

do you ever just want to hop on a train, or bus, or get in your car and just drive until you can't anymore? well last sunday i did just that, thanks to two good friends and a little train called the DART.

after a very sleepless couple of nights, jil, aaron and i decided to enjoy a semi quiet sunday and took a little trip into a town called Howth. the drive took us about 45 minutes and we chatted about roommates and heading home. when we got there we walked into the main strip of town, which needless to say was a short walk. Howth is a small little seaside town but it was definitely active sunday, especially with such warm weather. we walked down the pier, took in the scenery then headed back for some fish and chips takeaway (everybody had it! we knew it had to be good) after eating lunch on a park bench we played a little frisbee...shortly into the game however i managed to hit a man and spill his coffee all over himself... it was about this time we decided to go on a little hiking adventure over to the cliffs and the beach.

walk along the pier.

so many boats in the harbour.

the most amazing fish and chips!

abbey and cemetary ruins.museum of vintage radio.

on the beach.
caves! ps. those rocks were so slippery!

even though we waited a long time to catch a train back, the trip was such a great ending to the weekend. i felt so content sitting there, i can't believe i leave this place in only a few days.

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