Monday, June 21, 2010

4 days!

i leave for dublin in four days! friday! ill be meeting my friend mike at the airport and our first flight leaves around 4 pm. which is a connector trip to Newark for a tiny hour lay-over. then its off to dublin at 6:10 pm (we're going to arrive in ireland around 6 a.m. their time saturday morning) i can't believe how fast it came up. i've been running around trying to get everything i need. this week my agenda includes: getting my watch battery fixed, haircut, another dentist appt., buying gifts for my host family, packing, and saying goodbyes. today i checked out the suburb of dublin i'm going to be living in and tried to find a few pictures.

view from the bridge in foxrock

in the mail we also got a little info. about our host families. i actually have a roommate too staying the house with me, her name's Alyssa and she also goes to grand valley. my family consists of "two lovely sisters who enjoy hosting students. very friendly and welcoming. they enjoy chatting with students" it also says they love to golf, play tennis, read, walk and travel and have a "little pet dog" also, one of the ladies, Jeanette, is an excellent cook! which of course delighted me. i can't wait to meet them all!

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