Tuesday, June 15, 2010

love is a mix tape

i love to read. unfortunately i don't get to do much, especially during the school year. but when anyone recommends me a good book i try very hard to pick myself up a copy. today i was thinking about the best book i've read in a while. this past summer i read my roommates copy of "Love is a Mixtape" by Rob Sheffield and i was infatuated.

you can click here to read about the book, the author, etc. it is a wonderful, yet heartbreaking, memoir about the rolling stone author, the love of his life, and the mixtapes that made up their life together.

my boyfriend joked the other day that i never mention him in my blog. well, the thing that makes this book so special to me, is that it always reminds me of him. in fact when i first met him i told him all about it and he went and picked up a copy and read it as soon as it came in (i later found out he's not even a big fan of reading, which made it even more special). their relationship is so quirky and wonderful it is bound to make you smile.

so as i sit here while mikey watches world cup soccer i will be enjoying their stories for the ump-teenth time. cheers!

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