Tuesday, June 8, 2010

food feasts and 21sts

sunday i had the day off, so i spent it stealing my roommate chris's wonderful DSLR camera and taking tons and tons of photos of all of my prints and drawings that i have been neglecting for the past 2 years (expect posts up about them soon :)) and then creating quite the food feast with my roommates and friends for the premiere of Next Food Network Star.

then yesterday was my friend evan's 21st birthday! yay for birthdays! a group of us went to dinner at a resturant i've never tried before called The Winchester in downtown Grand Rapids which i would highly recommend to anyone. next time i think i would order just a ton of appetizers to share though, as the menu was not super extensive. then back to his house for cake and ice cream- both homemade might i add, cake by me, ice cream by ev, and both delicious.
i hope you had a wonderful day love!

for the cake i actually used Ina Garden, from Barefoot Contessa, and the Hershey's Chocolate Cake recipes and sort of combined/edited them. i did add however a milk chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese-y filling in between the two cakes for a break up of the rich dark chocolate. not my prettiest of cakes, but certainly one of the better tasting!

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