Friday, June 4, 2010

photo fun

ok so just as my previous post promised, i wanted to include a little bit about whats been going on this week. yesterday my friend evan and i took a small trip to visit our friend jessie in marshal, mi (the cutest little town ever for those who have never been). we ate some awesome food at her parent's deli, pastrami joes, did a few photo experiments, and ended the day with ice cream. all in all a wonderful trip.

jessie is a photography major here at GVSU and always takes such wonderful pictures. she had wanted to test out this technique known as "bokeh" in which you can actually cause the light in the background of your photos to change shapes depending on what you chose to cut out of a small cap that goes on your lens. (you can read more about it via the link^) so, armed with her beautiful DSLR, my Canon manual film, and a small pinhole camera that evan made (yes everyone, he is an artistic genius) we had some fun adventures. the pictures posted here are all credited to jessie :) im so glad i got to visit!

lots of hearts!
then evan and i took "engagement photos" :)triangles!camoflauge

ps. major dillema occured with my camera after winding and attempting to remove this particular role of film on the way home. a post about this to come, and hopefully a few pictures that turned out. cross your fingers!


  1. the pictures are sweet; I love the bokeh technique!

  2. the bench picture (the one you have as your profile pic on fb) looks like a shot taken on a movie set. I know that's weird/random, but it just gave me that feeling. super cute pics!!! I also love bokeh. elyssa wiegand showed me how to do that a few years ago (you can just cut construction paper and put it over any lens!) and it works. we took pictures of christmas lights, and it was amazing, haha. we even cut out little tiny guitar shapes. playing around with that is fun!