Tuesday, June 1, 2010

to an amazing artist

when i started art school around 3 years ago i really knew almost nothing about the modern art movements. sure i had heard of Picasso, and Davinci, and if you had asked me then i would tell you my favorite was Salvador Dali (don't worry Sal you're still one of the best in my book) but the truth was is that my eyes had not been opened to the variety of work that was being made today. during our creative problem solving class we watched a variety of videos created by pbs known as art21. if you want to learn you should watch these! through this research i discovered a woman named Louise Bourgeois, a sculptor by trade, who i was instantly infatuated by. in fact my friend mike even teased me that i was going to be like her someday, which actually complimented me greatly.

Louise Bourgeois passed away yesterday, May 31st at the age of 98 years old. her artwork inspired many, including myself. RIP Louise, you will be missed.


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