Saturday, June 12, 2010

class of '10

so my blog posts have been delayed these few days, i have no wireless in my house so any blogging really has to be done elsewhere. and as i continue to visit with friends and family, and get ready for my trip (13 days! eek!) i probably wont be posting a whole heck of a lot.

i did just want to get on here and dedicate a post to my little brother tyler, who graduated high school yesterday! the THS class of 2010 were freshman in high school when i was a senior. they were the young ones in band, track, and student council that we tried to set good examples for. especially the marching band kids, seeing them gets me teary-eyed everytime thinking back to how scared they all were as freshman, they were the ones we drove back and forth from practice, the ones we tried to be good leaders for, and now they're done! and the class of '07 has been long done. its so crazy how time flies isn't it?
(remember when i used to be the "big" sister?)

i'm so proud of you ty. from third bass to center snare and drumline captain. from jv to varsity wrestling. nhs and spanish club. from THS to GVSU. i love you so much. congratulations! class of 2010!

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