Monday, June 28, 2010

dun laoghaire

ok...a few days late! sunday 27th

so, first full day here in ireland..and i slept for half of it. ok so maybe not half, but my roommate and i were in bed until 12:30 (thank you jet lag) however we did make most of the day. after breakfast and hanging outside with our homestay puppies, we got ready, finished unpacking, and set out for a practice bus adventure, and trip to see the harbour in Dun Laoghaire. i think we managed pretty well and even though we had only a few hours to spare before we had to head back for dinner, really go to see a lot of the gorgeous coastline.

signs to town! Dun Laoghaire town center
boats on the harborlittle me on the rocks :)original fog bellwe are here!

the weather has been gorgeous lately btw. all that irish rain is staying away for us, lets keep it up!

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