Tuesday, June 29, 2010

coffee shops and beer.

hello dublin!

monday 28th.

so yesterday was our first day of classes and orientation. neither of which were my favorite part of the day...hah im semi-joking. i was really excited for monday to actually get started on everything about our trip. we caught the bus to be up at school by 8:30, but only after we scrambled to get ready in 10 minutes because our alarm didnt go off! gah such luck. after we chatted with the program directors and saw a tour of the library we had our first class: Irish Flim in the 21st Century. which seems like itll be very fun and our professor, seamus, is awesome. then after a few of us went down to Bakers Corner for lunch before our last class: Myths and Legends: Irish Folklore and Literature. im not sure which class im going to like better! because the film class seems really awesome...buuut i got to talk about gnomes in lit. (keep in mind i then got teased for my extensive knowledge in this particular subject...) and mythology, fairies, history etc.

after school we made a short trip into dublin to try and book a trip for this weekend (this plan fell through a bit but needless to say it all worked out and were still going!) and get a look at the city. we didnt want to be too late for dinner so we just walked around and had a snack at the best coffee shop and cafe downtown.

brewleys cafe. James Joyce was inspired here.mike and jil :)espresso!chocolate croissantcaramel cino ice

later that night, after dinner and such. alyssa (roommate if i havent mentioned that!) and i walked down to a pub called the graduate. to meet up with some friends for the night :) i wish i would've taken more pics of the group but at least other people have been. so ill leave you with visions of wonderfully drafted irish beer.

guinness!and carlsberg!

have a good night loves.


  1. Your espresso looks so delicious. I've been ordering it here since I got back from Rome :) The Guinness doesn't look so bad either...

  2. The Guinness looks pretty fantastic. James Joyce... Ugh. Reminds me of Brit Lit last semester. Ha, though that little fact is pretty cool :)